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casino night graphics

version 1 . way past cool .

Casino Night Graphics
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. welcome .
Hi! You've found your way to casinonight, the icon journal of karoru -- named for the stage from my most favorite game in the world, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The icon types you'll find here are of cartoons, movies (animated and non), video games, and whatever else may inspire me at the time.

Feel free to friend or join the community and use or nominate any of the icons I post here :)
. rules .
. If you take/use anything, remember to credit to karoru or casinonight. I'm not a nazi about crediting -- just seeing someone using something I made makes me happy, but please don't take my icons and claim them as your own. Each one posted recieved a lot of effort and besides, what's the point of recieving praise or credit for someone else's work?

. Do not edit or redistribute anything posted here.

. Please do not hotlink the images posted in this journal. These graphics are hosted on a free Photobucket account and repeated hotlinking can run up the bandwidth and prevent everyone from seeing and using my stuff :(
. affiliates .
gravenimage . vaderetro . barrelvolcano . errantnotice . titan_icontest . titan_songset . titan_lims . good_tt_icons . kd_icontest
. resources .
. Programs Used: Paint Shop Pro 8, Animation Shop 3 & PowerDVD 6

. Resources: list of resources (fonts, brushes, textures) can be found here. unless otherwise stated, all screenshots used were taken by me.

. Layout: all graphics made by me; thanks to ReversesCollide for profile coding.
. awards .

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